Phun With Photoshop!

One of my lovely co-workers, who happens to be both an amazing athlete and a healthy eater, sent everyone on our floor an email this morning to let us know she had whipped up a batch of millet muffins that were free to all.

Before I had the chance to ask The Google exactly what “millet” was, a delightful conga line of muffins designed using Photoshop began to parade through my inbox.

The first, second, and fourth ones came from a co-worker who is an artist and unparalleled comedian. If you’re interested, you can view his blog here on WordPress!

This one arrived with the line, “Not to be confused with a MULLET muffin!”

Another co-worker chimed in at this point and said, “I’ve actually seen one of those in one of the ministry refrigerators. It had a very interesting testimony.”

The creative genius behind the mullet muffin then continued the hilarity by asserting, “They are much easier to chew than MALLET muffins, though.” He included this visual…

The one who asserted that she had, in fact, seen a mullet muffin then joined in the fun and created…

The text for this one read, “True. But it cannot compare to the MIDGET muffin. That’s always a crowd pleaser.”

The Millay muffin was also proposed…

And I even tried out my Photoshop skillz and created….

The Miller muffin!

All this delightful madness goes to prove two things. One, Photoshop had more uses that I had ever thought possible. And two, I have an awesome job and work with a team of hilarious, creative people!

Now I’m craving a muffin…but not one with Arthur Miller in it. That would just be gross.

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