Welcome In, Reach Out

Well, feed me peanuts and call me Dumbo…

The July issue of In Touch Magazine hit homes last week, and I was blessed and honored beyond all measure to be one of the feature pieces! You can read the article online and leave comments by visiting here, read it via the pages posted below, or (best of all) sign up here to get In Touch Magazine sent to you free of charge every month!

For this one, I explore the methods of evangelism practiced by the ancient Celtic Christians and how we might be able to apply them (and enjoy the same success they did) today. I hope you enjoy. Please leave comments and let me know if you are already using any of the techniques discussed and what your results were. I’m interested in seeing how it works in different communities.




6 thoughts on “Welcome In, Reach Out

  1. Good article! Celtic Christianity has fascinated me, and I hope to get to study it more. As a historian, though, I have to inquire: what are your sources? Did you use particular books or articles?

    1. I referenced over two dozen in the Emory University main library and theological library. I quoted three in the article, two on Celtic Christianity—George H. Hunter III’s “The Celtic Way of Evangelism” and John Finney’s “Recovering the Past: Celtic and Roman Mission.” I had a ton of great sources I couldn’t use however due to article length and the readership of our magazine. I can get you a list of them if you want because I kept my research stashed in a three-ring binder.

      1. I actually would love your bibliography, if you could. I’m preparing for graduate school in early medieval history and literature, and Celtic Christianity will almost certainly be a part of my studies at some point.

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