In Due Season

Believe it or not, November is just around the corner. And that means cooler temperatures, football, and Thanksgiving! We decided to feature food articles once again in In Touch magazine, and opted to include several different articles about the way it feeds our souls as well as our bodies. My contribution for this special section features my grandfather and the way he and I spent time working a BBQ smoker/grill.

This is a collection of articles I highly suggest you enjoy in print, so please visit this site and get yourself a free subscription. The layout is just gorgeous and is filled will illustrations created by the uber talented Jeff Gregory.

You can also view my article and the other wonderful pieces from authors like Rachel Marie Stone, Leslie Leyland Fields, Matt Woodley, Chad Thomas Johnston, Aline Mello, and Leigh McLeroy by clicking here.


2 thoughts on “In Due Season

  1. Jamie, I’m glad you featured your lovely (yummy! mouthwatering!) piece here, as I gave away my print copy of this month’s In Touch.
    What a perfect way to talk about the importance of savoring not only tastes but time.
    Wonderful words.

    1. Jody, so glad you enjoyed it. I do so love to write about food!

      If you need extra copies to give away each month, you can call our contact center and request as many as you’d like! The number is 1-800-789-1473.

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