At The Cross

This is the feature article for the April issue of In Touch Magazine. Five or six of us worked together to tell the stories of the people who were present at the crucifixion and why their being there is important to understand. I was asked to write the portions detailing the meaning behind Mary, the mother of Christ, and John, the beloved disciple. If you enjoy this article and would like to begin receiving In Touch Magazine for free each month, all you need to do is visit our subscription page and give us your name and address. You’ll begin receiving the magazine the next calendar month!

The art was created by Jeff Gregory, one of my amazing co-workers, and his blog on WordPress is well worth a look.

You have to imagine the first two pages in a horizontal spread with Mary and John on the left and Christ on the right. For the life of me, I couldn’t figure out how to get them side by side without losing so much size they were impossible to see and enjoy.

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