Barren Magazine

To Lie With Silence (10/20/18)

The Bitter Southerner (The Folklore Project)

Rattle the Bones (September 2018)

The Brink

A Strange and Beautiful Calling: The Role of Christians in the #MeToo Era (Spring 2019)

Change Seven

Preserved (Summer 2020)

Christianity Today

Give Us This Day Our Daily Chores (December 2016)

Comment Magazine

Little, Not Small (7/9/18)

CT Women

Have We Given Up on Good Men? (June 2013)

Neither Fully Widow Nor Fully Wife (April 2014)

Status Update: Still Struggling (February 2016)

Editor Series Interview with Daniel Darling

How Reading Made me a Better Editor (1/17/17)

Everyday Health

Dogs vs. Cats: What’s the Best Pet for People With MS? (10/2/17 — Interviewed Subject)

Fathom Magazine

Cross the Threshold (6/4/2018)

The Huffington Post

Yes, I Take the Elevator, and No, I’m Not Sorry About It (September 2016)

Ink & Letters

Exposure (Issue 5, Spring 2017)

In Touch Magazine

Christ as Prophet from the special feature The Person of Christ (December 2011)

Through a Glass Darkly (February 2012)

Catie’s Collage (March 2012)

Mary, the Mother of Our Lord & The Disciple John from the special feature At the Cross (April 2012)

Worshipful Music from the special feature The Body of Christ (May 2012)

Children of the Kingdom (June 2012)

Welcome In, Reach Out (July 2012)
Winner of third place in the Evangelical Press Association 2013 Higher Goals Awards (Evangelism)

Sacrificial Worship from the special feature Six Spiritual Practices to Change Your Life (August 2012)

I Sing Because…(August 2012)

Depth Vs. Breadth (September 2012)

Setting the Table (September 2012)

If He Wills, I Will (October 2012)

Return on Investment (November 2012)

Selah in the Sky (December 2012)
Winner of third place in the Evangelical Press Association 2013 Higher Goals Awards(Humorous)

The Logistics of Grace (February 2013)

Sight to See (March 2013)
Winner of third place in the Evangelical Press Association 2014 Higher Goals Awards (Devotional)

At Story’s End (April 2013)

Pure and Undefiled Religion(June 2013)

A Tempered Faith (September 2013)

Lost In Translation (October 2013)

A Shared Dish, A Shared Life(November 2013)

Repeat the Sounding Joy (December 2013)

Compass the City (January 2014)

Consider the Bees (March 2014)

Things Made New (April 2014)

Small Change, Big Difference (June 2014)

Lyrical Witness: A Conversation with Keith & Kristyn Getty (September 2014)

In Due Season (November 2014)

Set Junkie (January 2015)

Free Indeed (March 2015)

A Willing Servant (May/June 2015)

Something to Savor (July/August 2015)

At the Other End of the Line (August 2015)

Worth the Effort: A Conversation with Dr. Christian Smith (August 2015)

Peak Performer (November/December 2015)

Loud and Clear (December 2015)

Sown On Good Soil (February 2015)

Once and For All: A Conversation with N.T. Wright (March/April 2016)

As For Me and My House: A Conversation with Dave Stone (May/June 2016)

Our Level Best (July/August 2016)

The Gift of Marginalia (November/December 2016)
Winner of first place in the Evangelical Press Association’s 2016 Higher Goals Awards (General Article: Short)

This My Favorite (January/February 2017)

God In the Machine (March/April 2017)

This Is Your Brain On Play (September/October 2017)

A Capitol Gain (September/October 2017)

Forever Known (November/December 2017)

Meet In the Middle (January/February 2018)

Time to Do Good (March/April 2018)

Mommy and Me (May/June 2018)

Dangerous Places (July/August 2018)

Say It, Show It: A Conversation With Paul Borthwick (July/August 2018)

It Is Enough (November/December 2018)

When You Pray (March/April 2019)

Tell Me My Story: A Conversation With Keith R. Anderson (May/June 2019)

Closer Than a Brother (July/August 2019)

What We’ve Left Undone (September/October 2019)

Time Is On My Side (January/February 2020)

Beyond Words (March/April 2020)

Light Needs Darkness (December 2013)

Two Willing Hands (July 2014)

Walk This Way (August 2014)

Confessions of a Retail Gypsy (September 2014)

Up to My Elbows (October 2014)

Ears To Hear (November 2014)

For Such a Time As This (December 2014)

Dig In! (January 2015)

Hearing Crickets (January 2015)

On the Other Side of the Wall (March 2015)

Every Nook and Cranny (April 2015)

Table for Ten (May 2015)

A Thankfulness Challenge (June 2015)

Why So Furious? (July 2015)

Generosity is Worth the Effort: A Conversation with Dr. Christian Smith (August 2015)

A Trivial Pursuit (September 2015)

From Ohio to the Oval Office (March/April 2016)

A Day to Relish (November/December 2016)

The Best Kind of Help: A Conversation With Dr. Jamie D. Aten (January 2017)

Help Wanted (October 2017)

Give of Your Firstpencils (June 2018)

Ode to Ho Ho (December 2018)
Winner of second place in the Evangelical Press Association 2019 Higher Goals Awards (Humorous)

Engaging Culture: A Conversation With Micah Mattix (2/1/19)

The Cross and the Coronavirus (4/10/20)

Blessedly Simple (6/29/20)

Memoir Mixtape

Trajectory (3/11/18)

The Mighty

Yes, I Take the Elevator and No, I’m Not Sorry About It (September 2016)

What MS Patients and Legos Have In Common (November 2016)

Finding My Courage Again After Multiple Sclerosis Took It From Me (November 2016)

Three Harry Potter Characters That Inspire Me (February 2017)

MS Connection

Service Provider Spotlight: Dr. Sudhir Athni (Winter 2012)

MS News Today

Happy Is the Woman (9/30/16)

Vitamin D: You Are What You Eat (10/5/16)

Lessons From Lego (10/20/16)

Finding Power In Knowledge (11/4/16)

“Courage, Dear Heart” (11/18/16)

Life Is A Symphony of Challenges–Play On! (12/2/16)

Hope Lights the Way to a Cure for MS (12/16/16)

Planning to Succeed In the New Year (1/6/17)

Vive La Resistance! (1/20/17)

Pure Magic (2/3/17)

MS and AWP 2017 (2/17/17)

What Baseball Has Taught Me About Life With MS (3/2/17)

Which Ribbon Are We Again? (3/17/17)

A Word, If You Please (3/31/17)

Spring: A Reflection on Hope (4/13/17)

39 Years And Counting (4/26/17)

Look What the Cat Dragged In (5/8/17)

Make Some Noise (5/15/17)

One Man’s Playground… (6/2/17)

All the Power You Possess (6/16/17)

Go, Go Avocado! (7/1/17)

What’s Your Strength? (7/14/17)

Sharpen Your Sense of Joy (7/28/17)

Cover to Cover (8/11/17)

MS and NYC: Beneath the Streets, Beneath Our Skin (8/25/17)

This Too Shall Pass (9/15/17)

Shanah Tovah: Celebrating Each Year of Your MS Journey (9/30/17)

Life’s Too Short (10/13/17)

Meowmaste: Finding The Spark Inside Myself (10/27/17)

Don’t Be a Turkey (11/17/17)

“Holding Space” for Others (12/1/17)

The Greatest Gifts (12/15/17)

We Are Streams That Sing (1/5/18)

Chicken Soup Has Super Powers (1/19/18)

Rest on the Water (2/2/18)

Up With the Volume, Down With the Noise (3/2/18)

Just Do It (3/17/18)

You Only Think You Know (4/6/18)

So Much More (5/4/18)

When the Bomb Goes Off (5/18/18)

How Dare You? (6/1/18)

Mind Your Mind (6/15/18)

Personality Test, Smershonality Test (6/29/18)

Give Your Brain A Good Stretch (7/13/18)

What Are You Living For? (7/27/18)

Privileged to Speak (8/12/18)

H2Oh! (8/24/18)

What Happened In Vegas (9/7/18)

What The Scan Said (And What It Didn’t) (9/21/18)

What The World Needs Now Is Books (10/5/18)

Forget Me Knots (10/19/18)

Turning Information Overload Into a Positive (11/2/18)

Excelsior! Learning From the Life and Loss of Stan Lee (11/16/18)

Ho Ho No (11/30/18)

Shalom and the State of My Staircase (12/14/18)

Focus on the Flowers, Not the Weeds (1/11/19)

Clean Up, Clean Up (Everybody Everywhere) (1/25/19)

Being Alive Is More Than Being “Not Dead” (2/8/19)

The More Things Change… (2/22/19)

Sometimes You Have to Skip the Whaling Chapters (3/8/19)

Remember, Remember (3/23/19)

The Unplayable Piano (4/5/19)

Stop Being a Doozer–Slow Down! (5/3/19)

As If You Needed Another Reason to Eat Cake (5/17/19)

How Does Your Garden Grow? (6/14/19)

Value Is What You Make It (7/12/19)

For Appearances’ Sake (7/26/19)

Looking Forward, Looking Back (8/9/19)

Thankful for All of It (8/23/19)

Didn’t See That (Ulcer) Coming (9/6/19)

Submit Not to Violence (9/27/19)

“The Land Is Better!” (10/11/19)

Mystery Keeps Pushing Me Forward (10/25/19)

The Broad Side of a Barn (11/8/19)

Making (And Appreciating) Space (11/22/19)

Cold? What Cold?! (12/6/19)

The Magic Potion for a “Throat Thing” (12/20/19)

Keep It Real (1/10/20)

Give It a Rest, Will Ya? (2/7/20)

Thinking Outside the Box (2/21/20)

I Love Needles! (3/6/20)

Divide & Conquer (3/20/20)

Make Working From Home Work For You (4/3/20)

Ralph and the Cherry on Top of Life (4/17/20)

How to Release Fear (5/9/20)

Lessons About Intentional Living (5/21/20)

Color Me Surprised (6/5/20)

Beach. Please! (6/19/20)

What Will We Do? (7/17/20)

Being Freed By Who I Am (8/7/20)

What’s Haiku With You? (8/21/20)

Finding Soul Food in a Butterfly’s Visit (9/4/20)

Who We Are & What We Do (9/18/20)

The Perennial Gen

A Perfect Pattern (6/19/18)

I Am My Beloved’s (5/20/20)

Restoration Living

Sweetness to the Soul (May 2014)

You Are Here Stories

The Sunshine State (March 2015)

The Blade and the Earth (December 2016)


Academic Publications

The Journal of Popular Culture

“Who Watches the Watchmen?”: Ideology and “Real World” Superheroes (July 2006)

The Journal of Evolutionary Psychology

“I have my battleground no less than nations”: Peake’s Daydream of Gormenghast(March 2004)

Peake Studies

“Differing Passions”: Andreus Capellanus and Titus Groan (November 2003)

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